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Men's Front Pocket Chest Harness. Patent Pending. Your fun, unique and practical and so is this fabulous harness. Coordinating with our buttery soft SeleX underwear, this harness is as sexy as it is helpful. It features a forget it's there, deceptively large, pocket. This pocket has the room to fit your iPhone, ID, cash and credit cards with room to spare. Even filled to capacity, the harness affords the ultimate comfort. 


  • 100% Nylon plush nylon band
  • 100% Nylon fabric pocket w/zipper
  • Pocket fits a standard iPhone 11 with room for other essentials. 
  • Pocket dimensions are approx. 8.25" wide X 3.5" high. 
  • Coordinates with the SeleX line of buttery soft undies. 


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S/m/l, Xl/2xl