It's a Funny Story

Picture it... Chicago... 2018...

Hey gurl hey…

Fresh off the heels of starting a mobile app that absolutely did everything but start and a full year of watching everything on Netflix, in 2018, Victor Flores (me, the queen in the pic) was bored and fell prey to an ad saying that I will get rich in a month. Thus, I embarked on a journey that would change my life and become my biggest passion.

After about a year of playing around with the dropshipping model and achieving moderate success, I yearned for the ability to produce our own products and have more control. I decided to put my 15 years of graphic design and printing expertise to good use and embark on the journey to create our very own apparel line.

That brings us here to the present day. Back in South Florida, we bring you apparel by The Well Branded. Apparel & accessories you need, fit for the #butchqueen.

Made in 'Merica. Flexibly.

We rely on a flexible consumption model, which basically means we make 90 percent of our items when you order.

Premium Fabrics

Our BaseX and SeleX items are made with our buttery soft fabric.

BaseX is our lighter weight Poly Cotton Blend that is brushed, light and super soft. It is great for everyday wear.

Our SeleX is our premium lush Polyester-Spandex blend that has to be felt to be appreciated. This premium, luxurious double twisted yarn fabric is brushed to the gods. It is ridiculously stretchy, accommodating, breathable and keeps it's color and shape. It truly needs to be experienced to be appreciated.