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About us

The Well Branded, 'Cause you are your Brand

You get one shot to make a great first impression. As gay boys and men throughout our lives we’ve always had to consider how we are being perceived.  How does the world see you? We believe you should be able to look and feel your best without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for a night out on the town, in your tightest slim-fit jeans, or in a professional setting wearing your favorite tailored shirt, confidence wears well. Hell, even in the bedroom that last piece of clothing we typically take off, our underwear, should make us feel confident and sexy too. If you’re like us, wearing well styled clothes and accessories makes you feel confident and happy improving the way you present yourself. When you look confident and approachable, you become more confident and approachable.


The gay community is diverse, expansive, and playful. We pride ourselves on building a one stop shop that caters to all facets of the gay community. We accomplish this by including products fit for the queeniest of the queens to the butchest of the butch and everyone in between. We also know not every event, party, bar, or occasion calls for your default style. So we hope you find products to fit those special occasions as well. We noticed in our cities of Chicago and NYC stores catering to gay men’s apparel are usually expensive, niche specific, or sadly are closed. Our passion is to inspire and give confidence to those who may feel under represented in the community. That is why our collections focus on ready to wear items that you can wear to work, out on the town, to an underwear party, or to grab a cup a coffee with that cute guy.

Behind the name

Why did we pick The Well Branded as our company name? We believe that you are your brand and we are passionate about helping you communicate that to the world.  We search the world to curate pieces that will make you look and feel delicious. We also believe that style isn’t always about having what just hit the runway or based on how much you spent to look great!  That is why our collections represent a wide variety of taste and genres of our community at affordable pricing.


We represent that gay man who believes in a spectrum and embraces the diversity within our community. We’re the guys who like to stay fit, but aren’t necessarily a gym rat. The ones who aren’t a queen, but aren’t exactly butch either. Can sit at the table in a board meeting and also get down at our favorite bars, events, and parties.  Are wardrobes include clothes to fit all our needs. We have both been out and enjoying gay culture for over 20 years and our breath of experiences allows us to find the article of clothing and/or outfits that you’ll want for whatever you’re going to experience next.

Who We are

We are two great friends with a passion for design, thirst for gay culture, and the operational brains to pull it off. Together we, Victor Flores and Joseph Cardin, make up the founding team of The Well Branded. Friends, for over 12 years, we have experienced things that most friends would not experience in a lifetime. Throughout our travels and heavy involvement in the gay community, we realized that we were underrepresented in the community when it came to the clothes we wanted to wear. Thus, The Well Branded was born. A curated collection of our favorite items derived from the experience of two gay entrepreneurs, who have a lifelong commitment to this vibrant community. Our passion is to curate looks that appeal to all in the gay community, regardless what tribe you subscribe to, and bring them to you at an affordable price. We love variety, strive to break stereotypes, and have created a place where you can be you. The Well Branded, Cause you are your brand!

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Joseph Cardin


Victor Flores