How to feel confident with your package and promote your ass-ets. Save your balls!

Let's face it fellas there comes a time in one’s life where even the most well endowed could use a little boost. Size matters and in the age of the bulge and larger than life darier's (ass), thanks Nikki Minaj, those of us not blessed with the genes of a Nubian prince may feel, umm inadequate. Not to fret, TWB is here to the rescue with a line of underwear that lifts, separates, hugs, and in some cases even pads what god has given you, so you can be confident while on the hunt.

U Convex Pouch

Let's face it our “boys” need support just as much as women need support for their “girls.” That is why we focus on curating undies that offer unbeatable support for the family jewels. No one wants to admit they have or develop saggy balls, but hey it happens. Our Undies with U Convex designs help prevent and contain your balls so they maintain their current hang ratios. Nestling them nice in the front will also eliminate them from becoming one with your thighs, great for summer and those long workouts. As an added bonus, these undies add a nice silhouette to a good pair of skinny jeans. Our underwear collection features the highest quality stitching to make sure the boys stay in line and can’t sneak out to say hey!


Checkout our Achilles Underwear. Featuring the U-Convex Supportive Design.

U Convex Pouch Underwear


Breathe Again!

Us fabulous men live an active lifestyle and we are always out and about. Nothing can ruin your confidence level like feeling… moist. I know, I know, I hate that word too. But seriously, breathability is important in underwear. Hot, damp, environments promote bacterial growth and infections. I personally like to stay bone, ;), dry all day. That is why our undies are constructed with airflow in mind. For those who require a bit more airflow, we carry a mesh line of underwear with larger perforated holes that will keep you cool for the summer. Or you can just go for the gold and check out our backless briefs and jockstrap selection.



Check out our The Backless Boxer Brief for ultimate airflow.

The Backless Brief 

Fake it until you make it.

The unfortunate reality is that most of us are not blessed with a cock like Rocco Steele or an ass like (insert name here). There are too many to count in porn and I may have gotten sidetracked. Anyways, I think you get the point. For those of us who want to present your biggest self, we have a line of male enhancement underwear that will have the Queens of Drag Race gagging on your padding. You can get assistance for just the front or “proportionize” for both the front and back. Now you can have the bubble butt you always wanted, no gym required.


Credit: Drag Race

Check out our Padded Enhancement Underwear Collection


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