Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and being your first! We are super excited to get to know our customers and fans intimately 😉 We want to know what makes you tick, your hopes and dreams, and what influences your style. Thank you for being our first and popping our cherry.


Me at it again trying to be sexy!! #nessymessy

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Nestor: I am doing fantastic however I would that I am also a bit nervous about this interview.

TWB: Aww you shouldn’t be! You obviously have a unique style that we love! Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nestor: I am actually the kind of person that if I like something I will buy it... Not too bothered about fashion I would say, however, I do not want to be looking like a gay man leaving a gay sauna at 6 am on a Sunday (not that I would know). 


Another day another dollar!! #nessymessy

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TWB: Neither do we… Do you have a day job?  I’m sure our TWB’ers would love to stalk you :) You can be vague.

Nestor: I am a Meeting and Events Sales Executive in a hotel.

TWB: That sounds like fun! You seem to have a large following on Instagram, are you working toward becoming an instagram influencer?

Nestor: I am working towards it even though it is a bit hard when you have already a life and a day job but I will get there hopefully.

TWB: Your profile is definitely engaging. We have seen some of your videos on the “bipolar men” of the UK. The dating scene is the same here in Chicago. What can we expect when visiting London? What are the men like? I know that I am pretty much a sucker for any guy with an accent. If they were a 4, they are all of a sudden a 7-8, lol.

Nestor: The dating scene in London is as bad as it is anywhere in the world I guess we gays happen to all be a bit alike, even though I know this statement will be hated by some but it is true. When someone is too pushy and too interested I am already over him and then when I like someone they are trying to impress someone else because they know they have me in the bag. Also men in London are gorgeous.


Bipolar gay men!! #nessymessy

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TWB: We think you’re super sexy and know that you are working on your fitness. Can you tell us what you are doing to stay/get fit? What is your daily/weekly/month? Diet?

Nestor: I am trying to go three an trying to do mostly cardio see if I can try and lose some weight because I look like a bloody Kardashian from behind, even though I could never be a Kardashian because I have talent. Not 100% happy with my body at the moment but it is just like my ex the best I can do right now. I have been trying to lose weight since xmas 2014 so maybe a diet would help...

I love a fruit smoothie after the gym!! #nessymessy

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TWB: So I know this next question can sounds cliche, buttttt... Top, Bottom, or Vers?

Nestor: Do you really have to ask? I feel offended... Let me give you a clue... I like being fisted and not across the face... I hope that answered your question 😇


Another day another selfie!! #nessymessy

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TWB: Are you currently single? Is it complicated? Can you share a pic?

Nestor: I am single as a pringle!!! Anyone interested please message me!!!

TWB: What do you look for in a man?

Nestor: I mean... I would say someone that treats me well and that would love me for who I am but unfortunately if I am not attracted to this person it will never work and who says that is only looking for someone with a big heart is a liar 😈


No boyfriend no problem!! 💁 #nessymessy

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TWB: Well attraction is important when dating for sure. Back to fashion, what is your favorite thing that TWB offers? What should we add to the site?

Nestor: I love the underwear options however I would say maybe some more sizes just to be more inclusive to everyone.



TWB: We are working on that issue! Definitely working with our vendors to prove that we have demand for it and thank you for the feedback. If you could stop gay men from committing one fashion faux pa (When you dress up and THINK you will be trendy, but you won't.) what would it be?

Nestor: I would stop gay men from trying to all look the same.

TWB: Would you share with us your biggest fashion blunder? Pics?

Nestor: I mean... I have looked bad in the past but thankfully back then people would not carry cameras around so there might be some proof but I rather not look for it.

TWB: On the flipside, do you have a moment when you felt your best? Sexiest?  

Nestor: Yes maybe once in an orgy when I was the only bottom hahaha


Tower bridge ❤️

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TWB: Thank you for spending time with us, I am sure our readers will find this interesting. Where can our customers find you on social media?

Nestor: @nestorblakemore

TWB: Thank you for meeting with us and being our first!

Nestor: Thank you!

If you would like to be our next interview for he customer spotlight, let us know and e-mail us at